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Avoid hefty fines for unknowingly driving an unregistered vehicle and the time consuming frustration of getting your car back on the road again. Did you know that if you have an accident in an unregistered vehicle you are not insured and are at risk of potential enormous litigation costs?

Don’t worry! You have come to the right place to avoid all this. We have created a custom designed vinyl decal ‘ Rego Date Sticker ‘ representing the calendar months from 1 to 12 for just $9.00 + GST, saving you possibly hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.They can be purchased quickly and simply here at our online shop.

Rego Date Stickre for Sale Australia

Simple to use:

  • Choose your monthly calendar number when your rego is due, e.g., if your Rego is due next March, you will need to purchase our Rego Date Sticker No 3 .
  • Order and pay for the Rego Date Sticker here 
  • We will post it out to you by Australia Post
  • When you receive it, simply Peel and Stick it to your windscreen.
  • Next March, you will know your rego is due.
  • For 6 month users we offer a RDS two number pack with 2nd sticker at half price!

This rego date system will alert you that either your registration is due that month – or more importantly, over-due – and you will have the opportunity to do something about it before it is too late.

Replace the Defunct State Rego Sticker System

Our Rego Date Stickers are created to replace the State Government rego sticker system it stopped in 2010.

Why did it stop sending out stickers?

To save printing costs it made the unpopular decision to stop sending out registration reminder stickers to their vehicle owners on payment. Subsequently, it has turned out to be a revenue windfall, as they have collected millions of dollars in fines every year for unregistered vehicles on the road. – read more


Since a large proportion of Australians move home for various reasons quite frequently, difficulties emerge for the Department of Transport in keeping contact with them. Therefore, drivers say they do not know that they are unregistered until they get stopped by the police or have an accident and their vehicle is checked on the data base, when unfortunately it is too late.


Rego Date Sticker rego reminder sytem



Rego Date Sticker Individual Number 2 Pack

Effective rego due alert system

Having a Rego Date Sticker for the month your rego is next due, stuck onto your windscreen, is still the most simple and effective rego due alert system out of all the available reminders sent out by the Department of Transport to their customers, to pay including paper alerts sent in the post all the way up to smart technologies – emails, text alerts, websites.

With our increasingly busy lifestyles, text messages or emails are read and deleted and forgotten about, letters are put in a pile and forgotten about or lost, and post may not be delivered to the right address.

Our Rego Date Sticker is actually the ultimate rego reminder system, alerting all drivers if their vehicle is illegally on the road.

Easy to Install

Our Rego Date Stickers are:

  • Easy to install with a simple ‘peel and stick’ process
  • Intended to be stuck against the inside of your windscreen.
  • They are 80 mm x 80 mm in size
  • Made of long lasting commercial grade vinyl
  • Are white in colour
  • Will suit any type vehicle with a windscreen or glass window to display the number inside, including cars, trailers, motor bikes, caravans, trucks etc
  • Numbers are cut in reverse to be read on outside of glass.

They are designed specifically to be a visual reminder to a driver, with a quick glance at their ‘Rego Date Sticker’ to indicate either Payment is Due or Payment is Overdue.

….’Spend Under 10 Never Get Fined Again!

Rego Date Sticker for sale Perth WA

Online news

” WA Police can’t cope with so many unregistered cars “as reported by ABC

Seventy per cent of the 1906 people RAC asked said they wanted the stickers reinstated and a fifth had forgotten to renew their registration since the stickers were scrapped in 2010. ” as reported by RAC

“I have seen hundreds of similar situations (in WA courts) where people have forgotten about their vehicle licence fees,” WA Magistrate Mr Tarr said, as reported by The West Australian

What they look like on a Windscreen?

Rego Date Sticker DISPLAY

How does it work ?

Rego Date stickers will remind you when your rego is due. Simply buy a sticker that relates to the month of expiry and stick it on the inside bottom left corner of your windscreen, Simple!

You won’t have to worry about being unregistered or uninsured any more. A $9.90 plus postage investment could save you $000’s, especially if you are involved in a traffic accident.

For Yearly Users: By one individual number sticker decal representing the month when you rego is next due:

For Six month users: By two individual number sticker decals ( 2nd sticker is half price ) when you pay twice in the 12 month period when you rego is due and change at 6 months.


You can order in any of the following Combinations:
RDS Individual Numbers

For Yearly users: Individual Monthly Rego Due Date Numbers ( 1 Sticker )
Rego Date Stickers Circular Thub001

Choose from our Rego Date Sticker Individual Numbers either from 1 to 12
If your rego is due in MARCH – buy NO. 12

RDS Individual Numbers
RDS Individual Numbers

$9.90 each ( Incl GST )

Order Here now


Individual Numbers Combined

Combined Individual Monthly Rego Due Date Numbers

Rego Date Sticker Circular random numbers001 combined

Combine quantities of Rego Date Sticker Individual Numbers either from 1 to 12 and create your own personalised ‘pack ‘ for a fleet of vehicles or just to give away to your family and friends.

 Individual Numbers Combined
Individual Numbers Combined

$9.90 per pack ( Incl GST ) each

Order Here now

Professionally Produced Vinyl Decal Stickers

Our Rego Date Stickers are cut out from commercially graded Vinyl that will last years and are easily stuck as a vinyl decal inside your vehicle window.



Why you need a Rego Date Sticker?

Are you one of those people who are frustrated by not getting a Rego reminder sticker from the Department of Transport when you pay your registration fees ? Are you one of those people who got had to pay a fines and fortune to get their vehicle put over the pits and wished you had the Rego sticker like before ? Then you have come to the right place.

  • Never forget to pay your car registration again!
  • Simple, cheap and effective visual reminders
  • Monthly reminder windscreen stickers for sale Australia wide.

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