Vehicle Rego Stickers For Sale Australia

We provided as an inside window stuck on vinyl decas to remind them to pay their Vehicle Registration on time.


Rego Date Stickre for Sale Australia

Who needs a Rego Date Sticker?

Are you one of those people who are frustrated by not getting a Rego reminder sticker from the Department of Transport when you pay your registration fees ? Are you one of those people who got had to pay a fortune to get their vehicle put over the pits and wished you had the Rego sticker like before ? Then you have come to the right place.

Don’t get caught driving unlicensed 

We provide individual cut out numbers from 1 to 12 representing each month your registration is due e.g  if you paid in January, simply purchase a individual sticker with the number 1.

 what do they look like?

A White Vinyl Decal, 80mm x 80mm with the monthly number inside a circle. You can choose from 12 mumbers from 1 up to 12. Simply peel and stick the vinyl decal on your car window and never forget when your next rego or registration is due. It will also be a quick reminder, at a galnce, if you have not paid on time and contact the department of transport as to why you have not received your yearly bill.

Rego Date Sticker products
Rego Date Individual Stickers ready to post out.


RegoDate CIRCLE GLASS no 1
Example of our Rego Date Sticker on Glass


Individual Monthly Numbers
Rego Date Stickers Circular Thub001

Choose from Rego Date Sticker Individual Numbers from 1 to 12

$9.00 each + GST
Buy Rego Date Stickers here

Simple to use:

  • Choose your monthly calendar number when your rego is due, e.g., if your Rego is due next March, you will need to purchase our Rego Date Sticker No 3 .
  • Order and pay for the Rego Date Sticker here online,
  • We will post it out to you by Australia Post
  • When you receive it, simply Peel and Stick it to your windscreen.
  • Next March, you will know your rego is due.

This rego date system will alert you that either your registration is due that month or more importantly over-due and you will have the opportunity to do something about it before it is too late.


Replace the Defunct State Rego Sticker System Replacement

Our ‘Rego Date Stickers’ are created to replace the now defunct State rego sticker system.


[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Rego Date Sticker” description=”We sell custom designed vinyl decals of monthly rego numbers called a ‘Rego Date Sticker’. They are sold as an easy to install ‘peel and stick’ 80mm x 80mm white vinyl decal for any type vehicle window ideal for cars, boats, trailers, caravans, trucks” brand=”Rego Date Sticker” manfu=”Rego Date Sticker” prod_id=”Rego Date Sticker” single_rating=”8″ agg_rating=”5″ price=”$9.90″ condition=”New” ]